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10 FAQ's by New Online Casino Players

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10 FAQ's by New Online Casino Players Empty 10 FAQ's by New Online Casino Players

Post  lion8 on Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:54 am

Q: Is it legal for me to play at an online casino?
A: This is very hard question to answer because every state and every country has different laws. It is

important for all players to check with their local state and country laws before playing at online

casino for real money.

Q: Is it safe to give an online casino my credit card information?
A: Yes. Online casinos will not try to steal anything from you. Cheating or stealing from a player will

make an online casino small money in the short run, but their real big money comes from developing a

reputation of trust with players. Any site that is known to steal or cheat will ruin its reputation and

would disappear from the Internet quickly.

Q: Can the casino games at online casinos be trusted to be fair?
A: Because online casinos don't have any other form of entertainment, ie. dining, shows, clubs, etc.,

they must retain their players by offering very high payout percentages on their games. The online

casinos report, and it has been proven by independent auditors, that casino games at an online casino, on

average, see players winning 10% more than Vegas or Atlantic City players. Vegas and AC standards for

slot machines are 75-82% payout rates. Online casinos report 88-93% payout rates on every single machine

on a monthly basis.

Q: Is the casino software to download safe to install on my computer?
A: This is the one semi-shady part of the industry that has been cleaned up rather well over the past

several years. The online casino industry was notorious for installing malicious programs along with

their software downloads. However, since the industry has been regulated by the UK and several other

countries this is no longer an issue amongst the reputable online casinos. That is why it is important to

trust a site like this one that only promotes casinos that are trusted to be safe.

Q: Do I have to download casino software in order to play online?
A: No. Most online casinos offer two versions of their software, a downloadable version, and a no

download version, also known as a flash casino. The flash casino depends on Internet connection and is

often less stable than downloaded software. Also, with downloaded software a player can get the best

benefits/luxuries/enjoyable features from an online casino.

Q: Can I play at an online casino for fun?
A: All online casinos now offer free versions of their software. It is the same exact software that can

be played for real money.Each time the player opens the casino they will be asked whether they would like

to play for free or for real money.

Q: Where are online casinos licensed and how are they regulated?
A: Online casinos are licensed all over the world. The UK offers licensing for online casinos, Antigua,

The Isle of Man, Bermuda, and several other countries license the casinos. The regulations also are

imposed per country. The UK is currently the biggest country that licenses and regulates online casinos.

Q: How fast can I begin playing after downloading the casino software?
A: Instantly. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. First a player downloads the software, which

typically takes about 1 minute. Then the player must fill out forms to sign up as a player, this takes

about 3 minutes. If the player is playing for free, they can begin playing instantly. If the player is

playing with real money they can begin playing as soon as they make their first deposit.

Q: How fast will I get my money when I want to cash out my account?
A: This depends mainly on the method from which you choose to withdraw your winnings. Checks typically

take 1-3 weeks. Most other methods usually take 3-5 business days, as they are simply transfers from one

bank to the other and the casino as well as the bank must process these withdrawals.

Q: What happens if I have a problem with an online casino?
A: Most new players will get slightly confused on withdrawing policies, depositing policies, bonus

wagering requirements, etc. These issues are normally resolved with a simple phone call to a particular

casino's customer support, or via email. If major issues occur, like if a player has exhausted all in-

house customer service policies and is still not satisfied, they can contact the eCogra, the independent

online casino auditors, or they can contact Casinomeister, the most famous player affiliate who helps

settle disputes between online casinos and players.

Bonus Question!

Q: What is the best computer setup to start playing at an online casino?
A: To download an online casino a player must have a computer with about 5-10MB of free space on their

computer and a minimum of 512MB memory. The ideal setting is for a player to have plenty of free space on

their computer with a really large amount of memory. The best feature that a player can have to really

get the full enjoyment from playing at online casinos is a decent sized computer monitor. Suggested

monitor size should be 19 inch or larger, although any size monitor will be able to support casino

software platforms.


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